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The New Era "Fengqiao Experience" | "Active Justice+Source Governance" Optimizing the Rule of Law Business Environment
  pubdate:2023-11-08 16:17:30 printing word size: big | general | small

      Recently, Tianjin Maritime Court, along with 8 members of the "Tianjin Port Pioneer" group, including the Fourth Taxation Branch of Tianjin Municipal Taxation Service,State Taxation Administration, Beijiang Maritime Bureau, and Tianjin Xingang Customs, jointly launched the "Tianjin Port Pioneer Protection Marine Oil" Maple Bridge style joint service action for the Bohai area enterprises of CNOOC Group.

      Tianjin Maritime Court fully utilizes the innovative party building work methods of the "Tianjin Port Pioneer" member units, inherits the "Fengqiao Experience", promotes the close integration of party building and business, improves the collaborative mechanism, overlaps functional resources, expands the integration carrier, forms a work force, and deepens the practical source of litigation governance through active judiciary, in order to serve the economy of Tianjin Port and ensure the stability and progress of maritime enterprises Stimulating new momentum for high-quality development in Tianjin and providing strong maritime judicial service guarantees.

from:Tianjin Maritime Court